Exploration Tool

UDENE’s Exploration Tool will be based on the data collected in the early stages of the project, combining both remote sensing data and in-situ data. It will rely on an innovative Data Cube to facilitate access to data and make full use of the data sources that the project benefit from.

The Exploration Tool will provide to urban developers, urban planners, visionaries, as well as decision makers, an intuitive and comprehensive visualization tool to explore and test the impact of their ideas on the sustainable and safe development of their cities. To enable more accurate and precise results, the data collected throughout the project will be applied to actual environmental and hazardous conditions.

The Data Cube fuelling and empowering the Exploration Tool is at the heart of UDENE. It will gather and store geospatial and temporal data collected in the three use cases of the project: Turkey, Tunisia, and Serbia.

Keep an eye on this page to explore the Exploration Tool once available!